Friday, December 31, 2010

2 months and 3 weeks

week 11 today! :) Everything went well at the hospital, thank GOD! The peanut now looks sort of like a lemon.... I cant wait to meet you!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


I am now 8 and a half weeks in this and I'm going through all the different symptoms of being pregnant. HORRIBLE. I have lost my appetite to eat any kind of meat, FILIPINO dishes, which is just beyond me at the moment, and sometimes fried food. This change in appetite has stunned me the most because I'd usually eat anything! now all i crave for are veggies and fruits! which is great it's just a big surprise to me. If only i really ate this healthy.. They say all the nausea ends after the first trimester, which sounds amazing.. but will the MASSIVE headaches and mood swings and weakness go away with it too? I just feel so tired everyday.

Along with everything that's happening to my body, my husband has completely changed as well. He's pretty much become what a better half might look and act like.. He doesn't completely understand what I'm going through, and he never will but he has been doing everything in his power to make everyday easier for me. I haven't done chores in a month, he's been walking our dog everyday throughout the day, he lets me just sit and rest whenever I can, he walks with me for my daily exercise, he watches what I eat, which is easy for now since I haven't been eating or craving the usual junk, he even bought himself a book about pregnancy, I didn't even think about doing that! My husband went from 16 to FINALLY 28! haha! I love the guy so much! I'm extremely proud of him :)

Despite all the changes and horrible feeling, I am extremely excited and happy that all this is happening and though we didn't plan on having a baby right after marriage we feel very blessed and it feels so right that we're about to have our own little family :)

Our little peanut is slowly changing our lives :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010